Mount Jefferson and Washington – a humbling day in the Presidentials

This weekend we tackled two of the Presidentials: Mount Jefferson and Mount Washington – with a stop on Mount Clay, between the two. I have struggled to put this 10-hour experience into words and days later, I find myself still at a loss.

What I will say is that this hike was humbling and hard – simply put, it was everything you could expect from a day on the Presidentials. And while there were several points along the way where I got close to my edge and could have given up, turning back was never an option.

Yes, I hike for the pretty Instagram-worthy views.
Yes, I hike for my stubborn resolve to complete this silly list.

But for me, it’s about so much more than that and these mountains have lessons to teach if you’re willing to put in the work.

I hike to feel…


But mostly, I just hike to feel.

Mount Jefferson for #31 and Mount Washington for #32 – 16 left to go, and so many more feels to come.

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