Cannon Mountain: A Spooktacular Hike

Snagged #34 on Cannon Mountain this past Saturday with Heidi.

In true White Mountains fashion, the weather didn’t cooperate as we found ourselves in the clouds for most of the day with intermittent drizzle. But since Halloween is basically canceled this year, I found this Tim Burton color palette satiated my hunger for all things spooky. 

Also in true White Mountains (and 2020) fashion, the skies cleared up just as we exited the trail. But due to the insanity of leaf-peeping season, we had a 2.5 mile walk back to our car so we were able to enjoy the views from low elevation.

Here are my additional thoughts on the Cannon experience:

“Terrifying” Ladders LOL 
I’m not really sure why Hi-Cannon is on the Terrifying 25 list – albeit as an elective trail. So if you’re a basket case when it comes to heights like me, know that there is nothing terrifying about these ladders. In fact, I found them so much fun I was sad that there wasn’t more of them. 

No tram = No tourists 
Thanks to a global pandemic, the Cannon Tramway wasn’t operating – which meant a tourist-free summit experience. While I try not to be one of those grumpy Granite Staters who waves their hiking pole around yelling at people to “get off their mountain,” I did selfishly enjoy having a summit experience free of the socks and sandals crowd.

Lonesome Lake? Fake news!
There was nothing “lonesome” about Lonesome Lake, as I found the socks and sandals crowd swarming around the lake like a sea of leaf-peeping zombies… zombies in search of foliage, rather than brains. 

Dat Hut Tho 
I always love a good hut stop and enjoy meeting the perpetually happy and hardworking hut croo. I stopped in for a cup of hot cocoa, which warmed my body – and also made me feel festive AF. Heidi purchased a highly-coveted hut burrito, which looked and smelled amazing.

A terrain for all seasons
Ladders, rock scrambling, slabs, bog bridges, rock steps – Cannon has got it all. Previously, Tecumseh had been my 4K warmup of choice, but Cannon might be my new training ground when I emerge from hiking hibernation next season.

And always, gratitude 
As the weather grows colder, every weekend up in the mountains could potentially be the last for us fair weather hikers. So even on the “socked in” days I remain grateful, as a day spent in these mountains is better than most days, especially this year.

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