The Hedgehog Trifecta

Don’t worry, no longwinded pontifications about the meaning of life that somehow finds a – admittedly, weak at times – connection to hiking. Yesterday’s hike was all about fun!

In order to have a fun day in the mountains, this hike called for the Triple H:

Hedgehog Mountain* 
Hector the hiking pup**
Heidi the hiking friend**

Hot dog summer

Yes, this trifecta was exactly what I needed for an easy, breezy carefree hike, as I embark upon (what my boyfriend has coined) a Hot Girl Summer*** of hiking adventure and fun.

*Everyone seemed to be hiking this loop counterclockwise, but I highly recommend taking the clockwise loop up and hitting the East Ledges first. By going this way, you get the scenic, yet steep ledges and narrow cliff sections over with on ascent, and you don’t have to deal with the conga line of hikers going up counterclockwise – we only saw one other hiker going to the same direction as us.

**Having a friend named Heidi with a dog named Hector is not mandatory for a fun hike in the mountains (though they’re both pretty amazing). But this is a fun one to do with friends, family, dogs, cats, birds, goldfish, mountain goats, monkeys, houseplants or whatever living thing you can find to join you for this hike.

***if anyone has any clue what a “hot girl summer” is, please let me know. Clearly I’m at the point in my life where I don’t get pop culture references anymore.

… also TikTok, because I really don’t get that either.

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